Ever since I was a young boy, my eyes were drawn skyward to the heavens. Every glimpse of the moon and the stars would capture my attention for hours. I always imagined what it would be like being able to float through the countless galaxies and nebulae.

What would my eyes see?

What would I be feeling as I journeyed along?

My curiosity as a kid often led me to the great Orion Nebula. The first time I saw photos of this incredible sight was inside a World Book Encyclopedia set that my family bought from a cheap salesman on the front doorstep of our home. Though a random purchase, (we bought the deluxe leather covered ones to boot), I’ll never forget looking through these books and learning SO much about the world around me. Including my ultimate favorite subject; space.

So as I began to write the melody for this song, I would often close my eyes and remember that feeling I had as a kid looking at Orion for the first time.

The colors.

The absolute enormity of the site. The surrounding stars overwhelming my view until I break through the multi-colored nebulae and burst into a scene of complete awe.

This is where the drums come in.

I’m in a new world - completely unseen before and incredible to behold.

Trying to catch my breath.

Faster and faster I began to travel through this scene. It’s almost like one of those “wormhole” events you see on sci-fi shows (Stargate nerd here).

Up ahead light begins to grow. It’s getting close and closer by the second. I’m overwhelmed by how bright it is!

And then…stillness.


Just the sound of my heart beat.

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